THIS HAS TO BE THE ONE YOU’VE BEEN WAITING FOR. You are about to read an advert for one of the most genuine low mileage Shadow 1’s with incredible provenance that you are ever likely to come across. THE UNDERNEATH OF THIS CAR IS TRULY UNIQUE AND INCREDIBLE, IT’S NEVER HAD  ANY WELDING WHATSOEVER. This is a local honest car and hasn’t been on the market for almost 40 years, not entered in any auctions or been offered to or passed around the motor trade. It was sold brand new by my friends father who was Sales Manager at Kenning Rolls Royce of Sheffield, this is all documented in the history file. I have been patiently trying to buy this car for many years off its now 86 year old owner who has always been very reluctant to part with it. He was also a devoted member of the Rolls Royce Owners Club. He has owned the car for 34 years when he bought it in 1988 through Kennings Rolls Royce of Sheffield, the early part of the service history is all stamped up with them as well in the all important original service book. I also have the original old MOT certificates (including pre 2006) that are not listed online on the VOSA data base.  It comes with 1 years MOT. The interior is beautiful and original and truly exceptional, as is the woodwork, this has to be due to it being kept in a tinder dry garage at the very large Victorian residence where it has lived for the last 34 years. It has been on the cherished plate of 658 CWJ for many years and this is included in the sale. The car is still in it’s original beautiful factory colour combination of NUTMEG BROWN METALLIC over WILLOW GOLD METALLIC.  I have been in the motor trade since leaving school in 1968 and have a reputation second to none, proper genuine Shadow 1’s like this are rare and hard to come by. Some people use the word patina when they should be putting worn out, this car has a genuine lovely patina and turns heads whenever it drives down the road. The car has recently been checked over/serviced and re commissioned by a Rolls Royce engineer who worked for RR both man and boy. The car is 46 years old, YES, it’s had paintwork here and there, YES, there’s  the odd minor mark, (I’d be concerned if there wasn’t at 46 years old !!!), if the new owner wants to do these it’s very simple cosmetics and entirely up to them, to me it would spoil the car.  You can email or call with all the usual questions, but any serious buyer will know you’ll need to see the car in real life. It won’t disappoint.

Vehicle registered: 03/08/1976